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It is important to engage Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in science and technology as they are the future leaders of our community. Over the years, the World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology has provided ECRs with an excellent platform to present and discuss their research, follow the latest advances in their fields,  celebrate their achievements, and network with their peers.


The British Pharmacological Society and International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR) have already pledged financial support for ECRs including, but not limited to, a WCP2023 Travel Bursary. This programme encourages the development of young scientists by providing travel assistance to attend the Congress.

With your help we can create more financial support and opportunities to engage as many ECRs as possible, from all over the world – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and from lower and middle income countries.

Donate now

Your donation will allow more ECRs to participate in the Congress, which will give them the opportunity to learn about recent advances in pharmacology, interact with peers and more senior scientists in the field of pharmacology. It will also provide them with an opportunity to present the results of their research to the global pharmacological community.


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Your messages

“I am delighted to support the next generation of pharmacologists, helping individuals to attend the Congress who would otherwise find it difficult.”

– Professor David Webb

“ECR attendance really key for WCP2023. Hopefully this will help.”

– Professor Amrita Ahluwalia

“Hoping for a vibrant conference with great contributions from early career researchers .”

– Anonymous donor

“Hoping to see more ECRs joining the conference from the Global South, and tap into the great opportunities to learn. #PharmacologyEducation”

– Dr Tsitsi Monera-Penduka

“Hopefully WCP2023 will be successful”

– Tri Widyawati

“I am very happy to support clinical pharmacologist in their early career. It is a great speciality and we must support it. Good luck!”

– Dr Martin Lunnon

“Make the most of this great opportunity of being introduced to so many exciting developments in Pharmacology and hearing inspiring speakers in your subject. New contacts, new possibilities! ”

– Dr Gordon Lees

“Early Career Researchers are vital to the pharmacology community and will also be vital to the success of WCP2023.”

– Professor Cherry Wainwright

“I am very happy to give a small donation to WCP2023 to encourage new young researchers.”

– Professor Michael Orme

“I know this will be a highly successful Congress, showcasing the contributions of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology to healthcare internationally.”

– Anonymous donor