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The importance of interrogating sex differences in cardiovascular physiology and disease

  • Chair(s):

    Dr Natasha Karp, AstraZeneca, UK

    Prof Amrita Ahluwalia, Queen Mary University of London, UK

  • Session description:

    Bias in both pre-clinical and clinical research to exclude females has led to our current scandalous situation of inadequate understanding of the female CV physiology and the mechanisms of the increasing and worrying morbidity and mortality due to CVD in women. Historically women have been identified to suffer less CVD than their male counterparts across the globe . However over the past two decades there has been a shift with worrying increases across predominantly Western countries in both incidence and mortality in women. This change has finally led to calls for action in addressing not only bias in treatment but also a bias in research funding allocation. This symposium aims to highlight some of the excellent research identifying important mechanisms underlying female CVD and also highlights the arguments underlying the imperative for a new and more inclusive approach to discovery research.

    Why designing the right experiment to assess sex is important
    Dr Natasha Karp
    Director of Statistics AstraZeneca

    Why the study of the effects of biological sex in cardiovascular physiology is important
    Professor Georgios Kararigas
    Professor University of Iceland

    PGC-1α drives sex differences in heart failure susceptibility
    Professor Pasi Tavi
    Professor University of East Finland

    Resolution of inflammation: women do it better
    Dr Krishnaraj Rathod
    Cardiology SpR Queen Mary University of London




04 Jul 2023


9:45 am - 12:10 pm


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