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Pharmacogenomics in 2023: Big Studies, Big Results, Big Implications, Big Responsibilities

  • Chair(s):

    Andrew Somogyi,
    Professor in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology,University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia

    Ann Daly,
    Professor of Pharmacogenomics,Newcastle University, Newcastle, United Kingdom

  • Session description:

    Translating pharmacogenomic sequencing data into drug response predictions - how to interpret variants of unknown significance
    Associate Professor Volker Lauschke
    Director of the Biofabrication and Tissue Engineering Facility, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and

    Dr Margarete Fisher-Bosch
    Deputy Head, Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart, Germany

    What have we learnt and what will we learn from the UBIQUITIOUS Pharmacogenomics Consortium
    Dr Erika Cecchin
    Senior Researcher, Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Unit, National Cancer Institute, Aviano, Italy

    Oral communication speaker - to be confirmed in 2023.

    Predicting and improving response to medicines: bringing lessons learnt from VUMC to the All of US Research Program
    Professor Sara van Driest
    Director of Paediatrics, All of Us Research Program, National Institutes of Health, The United States of America

    Statistical genetics- and machine learning-based approaches to better understand drug safety
    Professor Masaru Koido
    Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

    Sponsored by:

    the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


03 Jul 2023


4:05 pm - 6:30 pm


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