Addressing the challenges in translational pharmacology through academic-industrial collaboration

  • Chair(s):

    Sophie Bradley
    Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom

    Brian Hudson
    Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Session description:

    G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) regulate almost every (patho)physiological process and are the most intensively studied drug targets.  Approximately 27% of non-olfactory GPCRs have been successfully targeted in the clinic.  However, there remains more than 50% of non-olfactory GPCR subtypes that are yet to be explored in clinical trials, indicating that the promise held by GPCR targets in drug discovery is yet to be fully realised.  The challenge for translational pharmacology is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying drug efficacy in the context of human diseases in order to inform the rational design of GPCR therapies and to improve the translation of drug candidates to practise.  This symposium aims to illustrate how academic and industrial partnerships are addressing this challenge, by working in collaboration to exploit novel GPCR targets for the treatment of human diseases. 
    This symposium will include 4 "pairs" of academic-industrial speakers:

    Dr Janet Maguire (University of Cambridge) with Dr Alastair Brown (Sosei Heptares)
    Apelin receptor atomic structure and pharmacology of novel ligands

    Dr Chris Langmead (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences) with Dr Arnaud Le Tiran (Servier)
    Targeting orphan G protein coupled receptors in immuno-metabolic disorders

    Short talk from an industry-funded early career researcher (PhD student or post doctoral researcher)

    Dr Sophie Bradley (University of Glasgow) with Dr Kirstie Bennett (Sosei Heptares)
    Targeting the Type 5 metabotropic glutamate receptor in neuroinflammatory diseases

    Prof. Jan Steyaert (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) with Dr Cedric Ververken (Confo Therapeutics)
    Nanobodies in structural biology and drug design

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03 Jul 2023


9:45 am - 12:10 pm


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